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A Wool Story has gotten some pretty cool press lately and I wanted to share some of that here (although you can always check out everything under the 'press' section of the site ;).

see A Wool Story in the bottom left corner :)

see A Wool Story in the bottom left corner :)

Recently we were featured along with some other really awesome local Detroit designers on Fox 2 Detroit, first time on TV! You can check out the video here of the lovely Jeff Newsom of DDEAF Magazine talking about his favorites.

DDEAF (Detroit Design Entertainment Art & Fashion) Magazine did a nice little write up on A Wool Story on their website here.

AWEAR featured me as a Changemaker on their website.

Thanks so much for all the love you guys! It's been great sharing my story and working to create change in purchasing for longevity and teaching little ways to live more sustainably.