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I love listening to podcasts while I work. My favorites are always those about creative business & discussing creative processes of artists - particularly lady business owners. 

Here's a list of some of my favorite podcasts:

  1. AIM with Kari Chapin - Kari wrote a couple of really helpful books about running a handmade business and is super funny & relatable. She hasn't updated the podcast in a while which is a bummer, but I hope she comes back soon!
  2. After the Jump - Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge's amazing and super helpful podcast. I binge listened to this a couple years ago when I first stumbled upon it and have since listened to the episodes again and again. She hasn't updated since Dec 2014 but I hope she starts again!
  3. Death, Sex & Money - Interesting stories of people, a mix of famous & not famous, discussing 'taboo' topics such as death, sex and money. I love listening to this and have been moved many times by the stories.
  4. Elise Gets Crafty - A creative business podcast that has interviews with various guests with their own businesses discussing how they got where they are today and how they balance business and life.
  5. This American Life - A classic!! Stories each week on a topic with 3 acts. So many topics over the years and a huge archive on their website to binge listen to.
  6. #Girlboss - A new podcast by Sophia Amarouso of Nasty Gal, based on her book #girlboss. I didn't like the book at all but I really enjoy the podcast. Sophia has a bunch of badass business ladies on and they discuss their path to where they are today and tips for girls who are interested in starting their own businesses.
  7. Why Do We Have Things? - Another new podcast that I just *love* from Rita of The American Edit and Erin of Hackwith Design House. I found this podcast via the Hackwith instagram because I love their brand and i'm so glad they did. The two ladies interview various small business owning ladies with the intent of revealing the work behind building up a small business when from the outside it appears they were just an overnight success. They interview a lot of awesome Minneapolis companies and it makes me really want to visit! 
  8. Have Company Podcast - Marlee of Have Company interviewing the unique and always interesting residents at her shop. I love listening to these interviews because the selection of people are always extremely creative artists and small business owners and it feels like an intimate and casual conversation between friends.
  9. Fresh Air - Terry Gross of NPR interviews an array of interesting people - there's a stockpile of these on the NPR website so you'll never run out of listening :)

Would love to hear any recommendations on other creative business (or any genre) podcasts. I'm always looking for something new to listen to!