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my note book // doodling about detroit

Meghan NavoyComment

drawing is a new medium for me. Lately I've been having lots of fun making doodles in my notebook and playing around with hand drawn text. 

my move to detroit & some favorite places to go since I've been here

maybe this sounds lame, but authenticity is something I really try to project with my brand and am always drawn to in other people & companies. Showing quirky personality & that you're not trying to be something you're not and instead embracing oddities and silliness is somethin' special.

This page of doodles is like my resume in drawing form - where I went to school and what I love: making things (knitting, cooking, dyeing), sustainability, riding my bike and listening to music.


I hope you enjoy my little doodles - I'd like to keep posting my work here. It's truly an expression of *me* and this new-to-me city through my own eyes.