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experiments in natural dyeing zine

Natural DyeingMeghan NavoyComment

experiments in natural dyeing is my 18 page zine created for my workshop in Eastern Market on natural dyeing with food waste.

it's a simple and mordant-free approach to rethinking what we consider 'waste' and how to make it into beautifully dyed textiles. 

each recipe requires only a few basic materials and lots of patience. Natural dyeing takes love, time and lots of trial and error. There are no mistakes, and with each experiment we learn.

 I am not an expert, I am still learning the world of natural dye. In this zine I include recipes from my own dyeing experience that have worked for me. Feel free to try adding mordants to create a deeper color and alter the amounts as you'd like. 

Experiments in Natural Dyeing is available in the shop for $10 including shipping when you type FREE at checkout ;)