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2016, a year in review

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started working in the service industry

thought more about how food makes me body feel

felt guilty for not 'doing it all', still working on this

struggled with balancing my job with my art and general feeling of busyness

had an article published in a magazine

struggled with finding time for artist dates and exercise

learned more about natural dyeing

learned how to garden, grew my own food

made my first zines

realized i have so many things i want to make and learn

expanded a wool story into more than just knitwear

got a knitting machine and learned how to use it

tried learning new things fast and mindlessly, realized I have to slow down and pay attention in order to learn

sold at more markets - am still on the fence about how i feel about doing these

started driving a lot more, bummed to not have made time for walking or biking as transportation

cut off all my hair

supported brands I have been admiring for a long time and started building my dream capsule wardrobe

started teaching classes

voted for the first time

made 100 potholders in 3 weeks

attempted to read and write daily - still working on this

spent more time with my family

my grandma passed away

spent more time with my partner, lived a whole year together

was in the new york times

made new friends and spent time with old friends 

i lived a whole year in detroit


thanks for all the support and love in 2016 - looking forward to positive change and growth in 2017 //